For the most accurate and efficient propeller repair:  the Prop Eye and the Prop Machine

Prop Eye
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100 percent computer controlled Human error is greatly reduced. Data is automatically collected. Scan time is reduced while achieving unprecedented repeatability.
Professionally engineered Designed for ease of use and long lasting durability. Allows for simplicity of enhancement upgrades as they become available.
Single point mounting technology Quick and easy setup for each allows the Prop Eye to be used on several different platforms.
User friendly software package Rapidly collects, correlates and immediately reports data to operator for blade adjustments as well as generating completed propeller documentation reports.
Software stores all data Allows data to be easily exported to other computers for viewing and processing of reports.
State of the art laser and servo drive technology Rapid and accurate data acquisition.

Prop Machine
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Mechanical prop straightening Increased productivity.
Reduce repair time.
Reduced labor required.
Reduced operator fatigue.
Reduced chance of physical injury.
Simple easy to use controls Increase productivity.
Enables rapid operator training.
Powerful and accurately controlled hydraulics Easy and comprehensive manipulation of blade without the use of heat.
Patented spindle technology One platform repair reducing time and labor while accommodating multiple spindle and propeller sizes.
Ability to achieve precise cylinder placement More effective and accurate adjustments.
Hydraulic tilting of machine Increases accuracy of adjustments by heeling 90 degrees to blade surface. Accommodates both right and left rotation props.
Machine has compact  footprint Very small work area required for complete gauging and adjustment.
Low maintenance Maintenance is minimal and machine will operate trouble free for years.

The Combination
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Single platform repair. Gauging and straightening on same platform allows for efficient work flow eliminating the time and labor of platform changes.
Quality of repair is increased do to elimination of potential errors created by multiple setups.
Patented spindle technology of Prop Straightener combined with the quality engineering of Prop Eye. Enables concentricity 360 degrees over a propeller's diameter while holding up to a .003 tolerance.
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Hoyt Peden, Designer and Engineer -

Kerry Peden, Controls Engineer and Programmer

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